Church family,

This Sunday, you will have two specific options to share:

1) During the sharing time, I want to challenge and encourage you to share ways that you have been blessed by being at Heritage Fellowship. Here’s why: I can often just keep moving from thing to thing, and not take time to celebrate the good things that have happened along the way. Many of you are like that as well. So between now and Sunday, pause, reflect back on how your life has been changed by the Lord by being a part of Heritage Fellowship, and then prepare to share some of this with the rest of the fellowship. This applies to children, women, and men.

2) During the sermon time, men, this is the opportunity for you to step up and share something from Scripture that has been on your heart. I get the idea that the early church did this kind of thing regularly. But we have an opportunity once a month to do so, and the fellowship has been blessed by your doing so over the past several months.

Press on!