Posts from June 2015

Posts from June 2015

Don’t Waste Your Life

Heritage Fellowship family, The sermon this week is entitled “Don’t Waste Your Life”. It is a fantastic sermon, one that really got me thinking! This is the first week of the video sermons. Enjoy! This is a good one… and deep! Kristin will give members info on how to access these sermons before Sunday in the Heritage Fellowship…

Joshua 24:29-33

This Sunday we were joined by Eric Burd of Vancouver Household of Faith Church via Skype for the sermon ending our series on the book of Joshua. Joshua 24:29-33 I.  Joshua lived faithfully to the end.             Verse 29  After these things… A.      Joshua… died, being 110 years old. B.      Joshua’s 30 years of faithfulness honored.   II.  Joshua’s influenced his entire…

Under Construction

We have recently transitioned to an entirely new web host for, and are currently in the process of rebuilding our site! The content of the former webpage will be taking shape here as we begin to reorganize.